Tulpehocken Soccer Club
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Teams & Coaches

U6 & U8 Objectives
To Have Fun! We must remember that these players are not professional athletes. We are working with five to seven year old children, who just want to have some fun and enjoy the game. Our society already creates tremendous pressures on our children; let us not bring undo pressures of winning on them.
Confidence: Building a strong self-esteem in each player is obtained by praising their good points ten times more than their bad. Once confidence is established, a coach can offer corrective criticism and the player will be much more capable to listen.
Teamwork: It is extremely important for the players to work as a team. There is no such thing as a one-man team. We must take the chemistry of different ages, sizes, speed and skill of the players and bring them all together for a successful team. An individual does not score a goal, WE, the team, scored the goal. We all win together and we will all lose together as a team.
Skill: To learn the basic fundamentals of soccer. This step is fourth on the priority list because, if the kids are having fun, building a strong self-confidence and learning the values of teamwork, teaching the fundamentals becomes a lot easier.

U9 & up Objectives
Our boys and girls U9 through U19 divisions compete in the Reading Berks Junior Soccer League (http://www.rbjsl.org) against local soccer clubs in 3 different skill level offerings. The goal of these divisions are to enhance the players skills as a development program for the soccer teams within all levels of the Tulpehocken School District.

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