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 2016 Tulpehocken Lottery Calendar Fund Raiser 

Fun Facts

Winning numbers with 3 unique digits (as in 123):   44

Winning numbers with a double digit (as in 545): 17

Winning numbers with a triple digit (as in 777):  0


Winning numbers in the:

000-099:      7   300’s:     3    600’s:    4

100’s:           6   400’s:     6  700’s:    11

200’s:           6   500’s:     7  800’s:     8

900’s:           2


There was only 1 double winner this year:  067

The most successful stretch of numbers:  

*  3 number stretch from 065 to 067 had 3 winners

*  15 number stretch from 136 to 161 had 6 winners (2 other 15 number stretches had 4 winners)


Anything But Average

If you add up all the winning numbers (30,875) and divide that by the number of days (61), you get an average of 506  (which is pretty darn interesting if you ask me, being so close to 500)


Luckiest Digits:

There was a number 5 in the winning number 22 times (36% of the time!)

Next often was #7 (20 times), #9 (19 times), #6 (17 times).  #1, #3, #0 – 16 times.  #4, #8 – 14 times

Last place was #2, which was only in 12 winning numbers


Luckiest Sex?

Women.  They won 33 times to 24 for the men.  (Although I wasn’t sure how to classify the following names:  Casey, Jace, Jesse, Pinky, Robin, Tiburcio.   Even if they’re all guys, the women still won more)

Luckiest names?

Rick, Ricki, Ricky – 3 winners

Susan, Susie, Suzie – 3 winners

Honorable Mentions:  Andrew, Barb, Betsy, Greg, Jen(n), Mike – all had 2 winners


Luckiest City?

Bernville had a whopping 23 winners! (almost 38%)

Honorable mentions:  Lebanon, Myerstown, Reading all had 3    (Bethel?   A humbling 2)

In all, we had 26 different cities represented in the winners, and 4 states.  

So which was the farthest winner:  Lancaster, TX or Quinter, KS?   Make a guess:  answer at the bottom*

Luckiest Letters?

If your first name started with a “J”, you won 7 times.

If your first name started with a “B”, you won 6 times.

If your last name started with a “B”, you won 10 times.

If your last name started with an “S”, you won 7 times.

If your first OR last name started with a Q, X, Y or Z, you didn’t win at all.  All other letters are represented.


*Lancaster, TX is 1,437 miles from Bernville.  Quinter, KS is 1,386 miles.  TX wins by 51 miles.  


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